Rust at 33c3 (Chaos Communication Congress)

The 33th Chaos Communication Congress is around the corner again. Like every year it will be held from the 27th to 30th december in Hamburg Germany. I wonder if any rustaceans will be there and would be interested in setting up an Assembly like last year.

I don't know if this topic has been discussed somewhere before because now would be the time to organize it if enough people are interested in it.

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I won't be there this year, but I know a couple of people that are planning an Assembly.

//cc @jer.

I won't attend (enough conferencing this year for me), however I will be in town.
What about @hoodie? And I know @flaki is at the congress as well.

I'm 70% sure that I'll be there.
What about a posters by the way? I would make a new one, could somebody print it?

I think that I can print it depending on the size. If we get enough people together someone would have to register the assembly at Assembly - 33C3_Public_Wiki

But no idea if there would be enough people to begin with

I was there last year, had a lot of fun. It was really nice to see the people in real life and chat about all kinds of things.

I'm planning to go there this year, too. But unfortunatelly I don't have any ticket yet...

A couple of friends will join me but I don't think they will stay at the Rust Assembly for a long time.

I can also print a poster (up to A0) and bring it with me. Will post here when I'm 100% sure that I will attend.

The assembly last year was great, I'll definitely be there again!
I can also print anything you need in reasonable quantities.

I'm indeed gonna be there :blush:

I missed it last year, would love to attend this year. However I can't say how much time I can stay at the assembly since the schedule is quite full. But if there is an assembly I will definitely stop by and chat/code when I have time.

I missed last year but have been really hoping there'd be a Rust assembly this year to hang out and hack at.

I'd stop by for a bit

I can confirm that I'll be there and will hang around for most of the time at the Rust Assembly.

BTW: looks like no one has registered it yet ?

Should I fill out the registration form ?

Who did it last year ?

Edit: I just saw that the "Curry Club Augsburg" has a Rust tag. Maybe if there aren't enough people for a Rust Assembly, we could join the Curry Club ?

I'll be there, too! :grinning:

I would recommend a seperate assembly, maybe just make sure you are placed next to each otter?

I registered last year, but I'm not attending.

Thanks for the info!

I've registered the Rust Assembly with a note to be placed near by the Curry Club.

Any other tips, pitfalls, experience you want to share ? :wink:

Is there a template for a Rust poster I can use ? And a template for a flyer ?

Does anyone have any Rust stickers, t-shirts, etc. she / he can bring to the Rust Assembly ?

Hi hoodie,

can you send me your poster ? I can print it and take it with me.

Link: Rust - 33C3_Public_Wiki
FYI, signup procedure: GitHub - rubytown/32c3: RubyTown @ 32c3

We definitly need all the power strips we can get just in case. Also, I could offer a workshop about Rust OS dev if there is any interest in it.

For those who will be at the congress for the first time: You might want to consider getting a Chaos mentor as it is a fantastic way to get introduced to the congress and its culture.

I would be very interested in a Rust OS workshop indeed!

I'm writing on an IP-stack completely in Rust as well if someone is interested in knowing more or helping out.

Hey Guys, what's the latest status?