Rust at 33c3 (Chaos Communication Congress)

The Rust Assembly has been accepted! :tada:

Here are the other two related Assemblies:

I'll bring some network cables and multi-power plugs.

(IIRC we were able to use a switch from a nearby table last year.)

No news on where the Assembly will be located. I'll post it here as soon as I know it.

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Nice, good job !
I'll most likly be part of the NOC (Network Operation Center) so if you need anything just come to the NOC Helpdesk and we will figure it out.

I've registered my daughter for the Junghackertag as a result of which I will be at 33C3 on Dec 28th. Hope to meet a few of you at the Rust assembly.

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Hey, I made it to the congress! Hope to see y'all here!

Assembly Tisch ist unten vor der Bar

In the hackerspace?

Ist es schon offen?

Pic of the Rust assembly


whenever im at the rust assembly its completly full without space to sit :frowning:

The table is full a lot of the time, but it's a great assembly. Lots of people to talk to and lots of beginners asking questions, which is great!

@tsurai: Any updates on your OS workshop? That would be very interesting.

Sorry about that! Should have asked for more space, will do so in the next year.
If I'm sitting on the table talk to me and you can have my seat and I'll move (or go to a talk :wink:

Yes there is a lot of interest and most of people have heard about Rust before.
The assembly is great I'm really enjoying it.

No problem, Im glad that there is so much interest in rust :slight_smile: I havnt prepared anything but I can show and explain the code for a bare metal rust bootloader and os

A friend and I wrote a tool to be able to use Rust as a scripting language. Mostly for fun during 33C3, but could be usable. Please give feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

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