New Rust Meetup in Cologne / Germany, on 2016-02-03



if you live near Cologne / Germany, or just happen to be around, you might want to join our 3rd Rust Meetup.

On February 3rd at 7.15pm CET, the third Rust meetup in Cologne will take place at Chaos Computer Club Cologne (Heliosstr. 6a – Map).

Further information will be posted here, on the page and our website.

We would love to welcome you. ^^

Previously we were around 20 people and enjoyed interesting talks about Rust/Ownership, Generating Rust bindings from C headers and Rust Tooling.

2nd Rust Meetup in Cologne, Germany, on October 28th

If you happen to be in Cologne today, drop by! Currently it looks like about 20 people will be coming. We’re very excited to meet you!