Meetup - Any Colorado Rustaceans out there?

My goal this spring is to learn more about Rust and be able to introduce it in our software department here at my place of work. It would really be nice if there was a Rust meetup here in the Denver/Boulder area but I’ve been unable to find any active groups centered around Rust. I wanted to reach out in case there are any Colorado people on here apart or interested in such meetups.



We are using Rust over at System76. Jeremy of Redox OS, in particular, works here at System76.

I was recently hired to work at S76 w/ Rust, but I’m currently located in Virginia until I move to Colorado.


Nice to make your acquaintance and relieved to know I’m not alone up here. I work in Aerospace. I may have to pick your brain when you’ve finished relocating. Have a safe move.

I’ve just moved to Colorado recently and noted that the Denver/Boulder-area Rust meetup seems to be inactive, and have been considering helping start one up for the Front Range (I now live in Monument, just north of Colorado Springs). I don’t have the bandwidth to organize the whole thing myself, especially given I have essentially no connections (and therefore no ins around spaces to use!) up in Denver, but I’d love to help however possible if there’s interest in spinning up a meetup again.

I’d also love to get one going down here in the Springs area, as I think there’s some interesting potential to slowly help it gain traction in some of the DoD space which dominates a lot of the tech scene down here.


We’ve got a couple rustaceans here at Threat X in Boulder. I used to goto the Boulder meet up but fell out of it. I’ve been considering going back if its still active.

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Im located in the Broomfield area. I would be interested in helping with a Rust Meetup. I don’t have the bandwidth though in managing it all. Work and grad school keep me busy. I think a simple Meetup at a coffee shop would be efficient for starters.

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@mmstick @chriskrycho @stusmall

There’s apparently a Denver/Boulder Rust meetup for next week on the 14th. I’m not sure if this group is still active. I noticed one of you mentioned it above. Thought I would provide a heads up and some links. Currently, trying to reach out to the organizer and will post an update when I know more. A few people already have been asking if its still active on the meetup’s discussion page but no response from the organizers yet.

Here is the meetup link…

Here is the Rust Calendar link…

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I think that calendar link is not accurate. There’s no meeting planned for Valentine’s Day I’m pretty sure.

However, I have been talking with the Rust Denver/Boulder organizers and I too would like to restart the meetup. I can try to get space at Galvanize Platte River where we have had meetups in the past. I would like to talk about my time learning rust at Recurse Center this winter.

Who else has a topic they’d like to present or a tutorial they want to lead?


@shanedora – Thanks for reaching out and perhaps re-igniting interest in a Rust meetup. I attended many of the Rust meetups in Boulder at the Solid State Depot, and at least one in Denver at Galvanize/Platte, back when they were happening regularly. I’m guessing that the organizers just got busy.

I’m in Arvada, and I’d certainly be up for a meetup in the Denver/Boulder area. Even if it’s just a small get-together at a coffee shop. (Although I’m not sure what happens if we select a small coffee shop and 20 people show up.) I’ve lately been researching network programming with Tokio, and could talk a little about that.

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If no one else is able to give a presentation its possible to twist my arm into it. I could give a talk on our experiences using rust in production. Pitfalls and benefits and what the learning curve has been like for those of us who are new to rust. I don’t know how many people are interested in that since it seems like there are more rust in production success stories going around these days.

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@stusmall That would be great! It doesn’t need to be a long talk!

@stusmall @focusaurus
Im new to Rust in fact I’m still reading my O’Reilly book so I doubt I can contribute to any tutorial at this point. However, I would like to get the group going again even if it’s a small coffee shop Meetup. I value the general idea of just having a Meetup where I can discuss concerns/questions regarding Rust development while I push through it’s initial learning curve.

The previous groups sometimes had a couple hack nights. Everyone just hung out and worked on personal projects. Having smart, helpful around helped make the learning curve a bit more gradual.

I’d love to see those happen again.


@simmons @stusmall @focusaurus @chriskrycho @mmstick
I’m heading to the Starbucks in the REI building downtown Denver this Saturday morning from 8AM to 11AM for some quality Rust time. I’ll mostly be figuring out how to install Rust on my NVIDIA Jetson TX2 dev board. Anyone interested in bringing their own Rust projects feel free to come. Perhaps we can kick this off by meeting at random coffee shops first until we build up a stable group again. I’ll be the dude with the “Do not disturb” sticker on his laptop with an awkward development board.

Starbucks @REI
1416 Platte River
Suite A
Denver, CO 80202



I definitely won’t be able to come this week, or really probably till after EmberConf in March (I’m doing a workshop there on TypeScript), but would love to in the future.

@shanedora – I’ll plan on swinging by, unless the weather is too bad. Given the 8am time and potential for weather Saturday morning, we probably don’t have to worry about overwhelming the Starbucks with crowds of people. I’ll be the guy with the Rust stickers on his laptop. :wink:

@chriskrycho – Welcome to Colorado! I had no idea we had a Rust celebrity in our midst! :slight_smile:


I’ve just started playing around with Rust so I’d definitely be interested in getting to meetup with some people and learn more.

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I’ll be here at the Denver REI Starbucks this morning from 8am to 11am for some quality Rust time. Roads coming from Boulder were fine. Salt trucks were out already and the conditions downtown seem fine for now. Look for the big development platform or just yell out “Shane”.

I attended the Boulder Rust meeting a handful of times, but after moving to Centennial, it was just too far for me. I might be interested in something closer to downtown, though.

@simmons @focusaurus @d3zd3z @Others

Last weekend was not the greatest in weather so unfortunately I was solo that morning at the REI Starbucks. It seems we have a small group here interested so I want to be respectful and not step on another organizers foot. I don’t know a thing about organizing meetups but I’m more than happy to help.

What is everyone’s schedule looking like this week or next for a potential meetup at a coffee shop say REI Starbucks downtown Denver (I’m open to suggestions on times/locations)? Seems like we have a diverse interest from all corners of the “greater” Denver area which is why I mentioned the REI Starbucks downtown.

I’ve already figured out how to effectively setup my Jetson TX2 as a wireless access point and cross compile for it using the triple aarch64. I can at the very least give a small tutorial on that if we’re hard up for some presentations. I’m still a newb though!