Any interest in a Prague meetup?

Hey folks,

I've been talking to some colleagues (our product is written in rust), and we're thinking of organizing a meetup in Prague. I've searched quite a bit, and it seems the only Rust related event in the Czech Republic was a meetup that's dead for about 3 years now, so I'd be stoked to gather some fellow rustaceans. (We've talked to our boss, and he seemed quite open to have our company sponsor it, once we're a little less busy)

So — I guess my question is, how many people here would be interested in such an event?

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I'm not in prague but I want to add that we had a lot of people find the Copenhagen meetups due to having it posted on this-week-in-rust.

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Thanks for the tip!

Heh, I was thinking recently about organizing a meetup in Bratislava. Prague would be good too (or Brno :)). I already pinged a friend who works at a nice venue I know so we will see if it can be of help.

I don't care if it's Czech/Slovak or English.

Cool! I think having the official language be English makes the most sense, but obviously people can talk however they prefer among themselves

I live in Prague and would love a meetup. Are there any plans for having a meetup?

I'm offering to help organize and be a speaker. I can present a variety of Rust topics and a number of my own projects that have never been presented before.

I was one of the speakers at the event that was three years ago. Funny you mentioned it. I almost forgot. That event was pretty good and had quite a big audience, but people were very new to Rust, so I guess there weren't people ready to get more organized and plan further events. At least I was so busy creating new things with Rust and getting new ideas and learning new things all the time, I thought I'll get back to speaking at events after I've completed my projects and things have stabilized. Then also the pandemic was a convenient excuse to keep hacking alone and not care about events. I guess now the time is right.

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