2nd Rust Meetup in Cologne, Germany, on October 28th

Hello fellow Rustaceans—especially those among you that live near Cologne, Germany!

On October 28th at 7.30pm, the second Rust meetup in Cologne will take place at Chaos Computer Club Cologne (Heliosstr. 6a – Map).

We are currently looking for more talks and of course people who wish to join us. Further information will be posted here, on the Meetup.com page and our website.

We would love to meet you!

By the way: At out last meetup in July, there were about 15 people (including @llogiq via Skype) and we had talks about Rust in general, Nickel.rs and using Rust with Visual Studio.

Have fun and keep this meetup alive until 2016. Only then I can join in. :smile:

I'd love to be there in person this time. Unfortunately I don't have a car that week (and going by train is too expensive for my taste – those cutthroats want >100€ for the ticket to Cologne and back). If someone is going from the Rhein-Main Area (Frankfurt perhaps?), we could split gas money.

Otherwise I'll skype in again (hopefully it works better than last time :smile:)

Cool, a rust meetup in my town :smile:

I'll be there.

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Cool, I could prepare a short talk about cxx2rs!

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That'd be awesome, @manuels! That talk looks like it might also include people new to Rust as it's about a Python tool creating bindings to C. :smile: (Could you send me an email/PM for details?)

Currently, @Florob and myself are also preparing talks.

The thing is that apparently I am too stupid to understand this website's UI to send a PM.
Is there a website somewhere where I can find your email address?

I sent you a PM. You can find my mail address at the top of this commit :slight_smile:

We now have three talks scheduled!

  1. "Introduction to Rust/Ownership"
  2. "Why I hate garbage collectors"
  3. "Generating Rust bindings from C headers with cxx2rs"

I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

Unfortunately, $life threw a concurrent requirement at me, so I won't even have time to Skype in.

Too bad, I can't make it again. :frowning: Next time, eh?

However: Are those talks recorded in any way? That would be awesome.

New Rust Meetup in Cologne / Germany, on 2016-02-03

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