Cologne / Germany: Rust Anniversary Meetup on 2016-05-04



if you live near Cologne / Germany, or just happen to be around, you might want to join our 6th Rust Meetup - (almost) one year after the release of Rust 1.0.

We will begin the evening with a short recap of what has happened on the way from 1.0 to 1.8. Exciting stuff!

After that, we will have a short session of “introduce yourself” (probably followed by “let’s fetch some drinks”).

What follows then is entirely up to you: You can bring your current projects, questions, and ideas – or just be there and enjoy inspiring conversations with other Rustaceans!

Oh, and: There might be a Rust birthday cake!

You will find further information on, where you can also JOIN us.

We would love to welcome you. ^^