Meetup - Any Colorado Rustaceans out there?


I got OK from Galvanize Platte to use their space so I’ll be scheduling an official meetup for Feb 28 soon.


OK here’s the link:

Please spread the word and if you know anyone who’d like to present something, please put them in touch with me. Brief is OK. Beginner level is OK. Here are some ideas:

  • Here’s a crate I used and liked. What it is, what it does, the basics of using it.
  • Here’s one particular rust feature I’d like to explain
  • We used rust for this at work and here’s how it went


I was on the fence about giving a talk before, but I’m game. I can do “We used rust for this at work and here’s how it went”.


Any chance of seeing events closer to Denver? Boulder is a bit more than an hour drive away. It’d basically be impossible to get there at 6PM after wrapping work up at System76.


I too am using Rust in Boulder. I’m game if there’s ever another meetup.


The meetings are now alternating between Denver and Boulder. I was at the meetup last week, and it was a ton of fun.


I’m just getting started with Rust but I’m from waaaay up in Ft. Collins. Boulder is too far south for me at this time and moreso Denver. Maybe I had better stick to the forum.


If you have interest, or know folks who have interest, in starting a Northern Colorado meetup group, you should get in touch with the Community Team. They specialize—literally, it’s their focus!—on helping people get up and going with meetups and the like! Certainly if/when I start a Colorado Springs group (next year? Maybe? :grimacing:) that’s the tack I’ll be taking!