I'm starting a rust meetup in Denver, CO, USA. I'd like some feedback

Here's a form so I can gather some info from possible attendees. I haven't run a meetup before, so it will be a big learning experience for me!

Looks like there might have been (still is?) a Rust Meetup in Denver roughly 2 years abo -- might be worth reaching out to the people involved. Not sure if this Meetup ever became in-person.

Thanks for sharing this! I hadn't seen it before. I haven't seen any activity in the past year or so. I'll try reaching out

Glad to help -- I wonder if meetup fizzled a bit due to some remote meeting fatigue during the COVID times...

Now that ya'll can get out there and enjoy the :sun_behind_small_cloud: :evergreen_tree: :mountain: :sunflower: , probably going to be a lot more fun to take part in for everyone.

Good luck running the meetup!

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