Rust Meetup in Vienna, Austria

Hey there.

Any other Rust fans here that are in Vienna, Austria and would be interested in organizing meetups?


Definitely me :slight_smile:

Hello neighbour. I am in CZ.

Great idea! I've been toying around with the idea for a while - count me in :slight_smile:

me too!

I'm leaving on the 29th, but until them I'm open too!

Coming from Bratislava, count on me.

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My time is a bit tight, but definitely interested.


count me in :slight_smile:

I would also be interested

So there seems to be enough interest for a meetup, yay!

I would suggest some time early next month for the first meetup.

Any recommendations for a location?

Sector5 is usually willing to host meetups.

Yeah I'm just not sure if it makes sense there for 5-10 people.

But the bar area would work just fine I guess.

Which brings up another question, though.

Anyone of you interested in presenting something?
A Rust project, some general Rust trickery, ...?

Hey there, I'm the local Mozilla Rep in Vienna, and when I manned a booth at Linuxwochen Wien two weeks ago, a few people asked me if there is a Rust group/meeting here.
Though I'm personally not a systems-level programmer at all, I can surely help organize stuff, and we probably can get a group on Meetup if we want (or we can advertise any meetup via the Mozilla-Wien Meetup group if wanted).
Even if the Rust community is basically separate from Mozilla, AFAIK it's appreciated if we help where we can. :wink:

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@KaiRo every support and help is greatly appreciated. What about a call to discuss things?

FYI, Sektor5 has offered us a room for the meetup on 14.6.

Just a rough survey, who would be available then?


I'm happy to discuss and may be able to join at that date if you do something there.

Hi, I am also from CZ (Brno). Where do you live? Lets meet in CZ. Can you write me an email if interested? Tomas Korcak -

I'm interested too. 14.6. is OK for me.

Can somebody create official eventbrite event for this? I would like to get compensatory time off in my work.