Rust at 32C3 (Chaos Communication Congress)

The Chaos Communication Congress is around the corner (27th to 30th of December in Hamburg) and we'd like, as we did on Chaos Communication Camp, to run a small assembly together with the fine people from RubyTown.

You can see the application here:

For supporting the application by registering yourself as a member of the assembly, follow this instruction. Please only do so if you are planning to attend! (as 32C3 goes, this does not mean that you need a ticket yet! There are none on sale.)

I would be glad to see you there!


Me too :smile:

btw: You find the assembly page here: Rust Community - 32C3_Public_Wiki

Oops, replaced the link. Early mornings...

I'm in! And I'm looking forward to meet some fellow Rustaceans.

I'm in! At 31C3 I mostly got blank stares from the Tor devs when talking about Rust. I'd love to help provide a nice place for introducing it to people building security + performance sensitive infrastructure.

Maybe also for the first compiled language.
I personally think, that if I would now start with C/C++, I would be able to produce less buggy code---after hours of borrow-checker wrestling.

That matches with my experience. I expected a lot of people to raise hands when I said "BTW, I'm at 31C3, let's talk Rust!". (I was sitting in RubyTown, setting up a FreeBSD notebook with Rust (a thing I'm going to continue there)

No hands raised. Compare to going to a Ruby conference, people come in swarms.

Do you know if people can register as members of multiple assemblies? I'm already in another assembly, but I do plan to visit the Rust one, definitely :slight_smile:

Yes. I'm in RubyTown and Rust Community.

We're still searching for a catchier name then "Rust community" by the way.


I will try to join as well. Should/do I need to sign up somewhere for this?

Just create an account on the wiki and then on your personal page, enter "Rust Community" in your Assemblies.

RubyTown and RustVille sounds nice. :smiley:


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Thanks. Done! also thanks to @contradictioned for the tickets link :slight_smile:

Great initiative! Also, thanks for linking to the Code of Conducts. I consider the friendly and welcoming community of the main attractions. I might be attending this year, but I'll need to sort out my schedule first :smile:

Would it be in poor taste to call it a memory safe space?

I'll definitly be there and would love to join the Rust assembly.
If you guys need help setting up the assembly and stuff I'll arrive at the congress on the 25th already and will do anything I can to help :slight_smile:

Well, there isn't a lot to do except saving the space when we arrive. Bring sockets!

I will join the assembly, too. Looking forward to have some nice discussions with you
PS: Is someone interested to do some audio programming in Rust?