34c3 rust corner (CCC - 34. Chaos Communication Congress)

Last year somebody organised a rust corner at the assembly room.
It was very cool and I met a lot of people from many backgrounds :smiley:

This year I am organising RustFest.eu in Zürich so I do not have the capacity to add this to my list.
Would anyone like to organise a table?


I'll be there and I would like to help organizing it again. Anybody wanna help too?

I will be at 34C3, too. Would be glad to help out. Is the Rust corner kind of Hack&Learn?

More of a Meet&Chat. The last two years we reserved a table in the commons area and put up signs (see picture above). It was really fun, especially with all the extremely broad and interesting visitors of congress.
I would provide the posters again this year. There are a number of other things a propper 34c3 table requires.

  • power supplies
  • routers
  • fance LED stuff (Rust driven if possible :smiley: )
  • stickers
  • more stickers

If anybody has some to of that stuff to spare please respond. Any other great Ideas?

Very cool. How do you think about ferris plush?


Hi, at 27th (early morning) I will drive from Nürnberg to Leipzig; anybody needs a lift?

Awesome! Will be there and hacking on imag or related crates!

you got to give me a tour of that one day

This year's table is all set up. Already talked to some ppl. Come over if you are among the 14k-ish ppl at the 34c3

(update, image was broken :blush:)


I'll be there from time to time working on sled, offering deep dives for anyone interested or curious about lock-free / optimization / concurrent correctness testing / distributed systems!

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The photo URL loads as an empty a-tag, what area are you set up in?

You'll find them near the Django table, see c3nav.de


that's super useful :smile: thanks!

Anyone there with rust/ferris stickers? I've already been to the rust corner but there were only djkango stickers.

Geeking out with the people at the rust assembly was the highlight of congress this year for me, I got to learn about so many things I wasn't expecting from people. Thanks for making it awesome!