Rust Networking Community


Hello Everyone,

A bunch of us decided it’s time to start building a community of computer networking and Rust
enthusiasts, so I’m posting here to let you all know about it.

The announcement is here:!topic/rust-networking/IrNKYyopAnk

We’re also in the #rust-networking IRC channel over on

Anything networking and Rust goes - whether you’re looking for help building a server, announcing
your new protocol stack, or looking for input on an existing project. We also welcome community
discussion - how we can build a fantastic community for all rustaceans.

Happy Networking,


EDIT: It has been pointed out that it’s not particularly clear… This is community for
computer networking, rather than social networking. Though, being a community which talks
about computer networking, we will inherently form a social network, so… :wink:


Just set up a subreddit too, over at /r/rust_networking, if that’s your thing!


And a website!

Hopefully, with time, there’ll be some useful content on there.