What's everyone working on this week (51/2016)?

New week, new Rust. What are you folks up to?

Continuing work on alto. Still lots left to bind, but feeling pretty good about how it's coming together.

I felt like a change from my usual Elasticsearch client and decided to play around with dependency injection for Rust. The results are here. Unfortunately it requires a tweaked std that supports type_id for non-static types. So I'm going to try and RFC that this week.

Got some changes to the field defaults RFC that I'll push up once the current round of conversation dies down.

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I published my first crate: autoit. It's a work-in-progress bindings for the AutoItX library on Windows. It's the second crate that uses the new libbindgen crate that @fitzgen blogged about recently. .


Working on a filtering DNS proxy, which uses futures and TRust-DNS as its engine. Also opened a PR to move the tokio-socks5 demo server to asynchronous DNS resolution.

I'm taking half a step back from actual rust dev on a few web server projects I've been working on, off and on, for a few months to figure out what to do with them once they're actually usable. I'm diving into container based deployment, kinda starting from the ground up and I'm blogging what I discover.

I've been writing a replacement for my terrible static HTML website. It's basically a Rust version of what James Long came up with for his blog (publish posts by rsync-ing Markdown files).

For the web server side of things I've been using Rouille - I have nothing but good things to say about that library so far! It feels a lot simpler to work with than the other Rust web libraries I've tried :slight_smile:


I'm continuing on my attempt at creating the game Breakout. Instead of using SDL2, which would have been simpler, I decided to make it harder and learn OpenGL at the same time using Glium.

I've currently got all the game objects displaying, and the paddle moves! I have yet to create the collision handling, nor have I got the ball working. Those are my goals for the next week.


working on a HTTP 1.1 load balancer, using future-rs and tokio.

We just added the support for chunked response bodies. For example I could use it for an application using Server Send Events.

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Working on a React.js style library for creating web applications in Rust via WebAssembly. Hoping to show off a proof of concept soon :smiley:


Continue working on my Cassandra DB driver written completely in Rust. This is my first published crate.

PS Appreciate any feedbacks


Working on a simple wrapper for ETW to be used in some perf tools I'm currently writing. Where I work, no one's heard about Rust and I'm hoping I can introduce this marvelous language to them through this.

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@akatechis is there any progress or something to show?

I decided to spend this week reading the second draft of the Rust Book. A while ago I learned the language by doing and the book is helping me a lot to solidify the concepts.

Recommended! Plus you can contribute to it if you see anything that's wack.

@MicMac @luisbg You might want to check out the current thread.

Ooooops. Thanks for letting me know.