What's everyone working on this week (32/2016)?


New week, new Rust. What are you folks up to?


I started working on serde 0.8 support for elastic_types but have decided to take the opportunity to see if there’s a better way to implement my constant mapping types. Probably should’ve left well enough alone… :smiley:


So I want to find more time this week to move my rustorrent library forward, specifically do the encoding part of bencoding.

More importantly, I want to give a big shout-out to @synlestidae, who over the past week sent PRs to finish and refactor the decoding, which was very helpful.

Thanks @synlestidae


Last week I got code written to perform the RTMP handshake so now this week’s goal is to create a crate to read and write RTMP chunks.

I started playing around with creating a macro to be able to pack and unpack binary data in an Erlang/Elixir style syntax, but I became a bit frustrated and confused with both the macro syntax as well as the experimentation workflow for macros in general, so I decided to ignore that for now. I’m ok right now with byteorder calls for now (nom won’t work for me due to complexities in the RTMP protocol).


Currently working on a rewrite of my first crate wifiscanner! Finally adding some much needed tests and see how far I can get away with using #[cfg(target_os)] how much code gets compiled into the binary.


Integration tests for uutils


I’m working on an RFC to refine the Rust project planning and reporting process in accordance with this roadmap thread.

Also trying to get the std aware cargo RFC across the line.

Rolling up my email backlog, reviewing rustup PRs, making another rustup release.


Posted New Rustacean e017: Point me where I need to go—a deep dive on references and pointers in Rust.


Almost finished with v0.1.0 of statrs! Just one more distribution to document and crate should hopefully be up by the end of this week :slight_smile: