What's everyone working on this week (20/2016)?


New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


Added stable support to my Elasticsearch libraries!

Gearing up to finally do a proper release of elastic_types on crates.io so my emit collector can use Elasticsearch-friendly timestamps.

Also going to play with Timely Dataflow after the meetup last week to see what it’s all about.


Work on ProDBG is progressing. Posted something about it here yesterday http://prodbg.com/this-week-in-prodbg/


Learning Rust. Hoping to use it to optimize CPU bound parts of my Ruby code.


Implemented ddate the converter to the discordian calendar. Still not sure on how to split everything in that repo and if to split of ddate in its own repo. https://github.com/Don42/rust-coreutils


Still learning. I have started my first actual project that’s more than just messing with the compiler until it works last week. It’s a small set of binaries to interact with X, using the cargo crate x11, similar to wmutils.

I’m trying to minimize my use of unsafe to the actual function calling Xlib, and so far it seems to work. I’ll probably try to implement some a little bit more sophisticated tools now, and probably make a WM after that (probably something like i3, but not sure if it’s going to be an actual tiling wm yet)


Started working on an unofficial rewrite of Allen B. Downey’s ThinkBayes. My progress can be found at ThinkBayes-rs.

Wish me luck. He uses inheritance a lot.


I became the second maintainer of stainless and helped release version 0.1.5.