What's everyone working on this week (23/2016)


New week, new Rust. What are you folks up to?


Cargo expand subcommand to show the result of macro expansion and #[derive] expansion.


Hooping between fully documenting Piston, and making a new backend for it.


Trying to fast-track the new MIR backend.


I’m trying to get the development on hamcrest-rust started again. I have commit rights and I made my first PR to sort out the licensing issue.


Working on implementing a deflate encoder in Rust. Any feedback/help is welcome.


Wrote a little webapp in iron for RSVPing to my upcoming wedding (I do enjoy mentioning it :wink:).

Finally published an 0.2 release of elastic_types that supports generating statically-typed Elasticsearch mappings from plain old structs. Looking into supporting borrowed types, which means reworking the codegen, but it’s a good start.


ndarray 0.6 was released. It was just summer cleaning, removing lots of deprecated methods.


I’m doing some more work on symbiosis, my isomorphic* HTML template/component library suite, and I’m about to merge a few changes where I managed to make the API simpler and remove about 1000 lines of code. Such a nice feeling! I think I have managed to boil it down to a minimal number of crates now, so I may even dare releasing it soon™. It does already work quite well as just a template library, so it’s not like it’s not yet useful. There are just some really rough parts…

*it generates code in multiple languages, rather than being shared between client and server, so the logic is shared, but not the actual code.


Writing a Ruby gem that compiles Rust as a native extension. The gem is FasterPath. A rewrite of all the most server costly methods for handling paths.

This might be enjoyable for people to look at as it compiles successfully with Rust and there is no C code at all to link them together.

Oh! And I successfully used Hoverbear/heroku-buildpack-rust to deploy a Nickel.rs website on Heroku. :smile: It says “Hello World”, but I still find this exiting :slight_smile: .