What’s everyone working on this week (41/2016)?


New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


I’m continuing work on my algorithmic trading platform.

I’ve got the instance management system mostly up and running and have started working on the backtester. Hoping to get core platform functionality working to the point where people can run a demo themselves.


Finally went and got Macros 1.1 working for the types impl in my Elasticsearch client. It isn’t perfect yet, but is a solid start.

Had a whinge on internals about Macros 1.1.

Been working through my first RFC with @leodasvacas and @nrc through his awesome initiative to offer a safe entrypoint into the world of contributing to the Rust language.


Getting rust-openssl ready for a new release which adds support for OpenSSL 1.1.0.


Making progress on enabling syn to expand custom derives on stable Rust using a build script (similar to Syntex but compiling 15x faster).


Wanted to learn Rust so I’m porting a Git Change Log Generator I’ve previously implemented in Java.


As part of my efforts to write a Rust-based XNB unpacker for the Stardew Valley resources, I’m in the middle of reverse-engineering the tIDE map binary format (and possibly getting sidetracked by writing a fancy binary file analysis tool using Conrod). This project is made of yaks, it turns out.


Trying to build ruby’s Warden like strategy based authentication middleware For Iron chainmail.


Some Macros 1.1 experimentation for my asn1 library, so far it’s much cleaner than macros.


Switching iron-logger to log macro has just been merged, now I’ll need to update docs, and I’ll intend to create logging middleware using slog.


I’m writing a Dark Souls name generator web api using Iron; I’ve got the basics working and I’m writing up the process, including deployment and reverse-proxying through Nginx. The code’s on Github - fairly basic stuff so far.


I’m working on a set of “black-box” optimization algorithms and benchmarks. The project is still in its infancy, but it should be done around the end of October.


Starting to work, slowly, on a streaming parser for web server logs, or any other data where lines can be parsed independently from each other. There’s not much to see there yet, but I am quite determined to put some time into that, when possible. https://github.com/cyplo/crustylogstream - most of the work is on branches other than master.


Working on serde_bencode, a serializer/deserializer for bittorrent’s bencode format driven by serde. It also happens to be my first ever rust project, so any feedback would be appreciated! :slight_smile: It also wouldn’t be possible without @dtolnay’s awesome serde_json library, which I highly recommend checking out if you’re interested in writing a custom serialization format for serde.