What's everyone working on this week (4/2016)?


New week, new Rust (literally since last Thursday). What are you folks up to?


Slowly working on a language implementation in Rust at work (yeah, I never thought that I would work on PL and in Rust at work). I probably can talk more about that in upcoming months.

What's everyone working on this week (18/2016)?

I’ll keep working my way through the issues for palette (a color library) and should probably have a 0.2 release ready sooner than later, I think. There are just some more backwards incompatible changes that needs to be in place first.


I gave my first talk about Rust! It was an intro talk focused on fearless concurrency aspect of Rust.


Code examples


A distributed, reliable storage system.


I was working on some assembly hacks - a way to associate arbitrary user data(object instances) with callbacks using a jump table. It worked, but I was not able to generalize it into a library due to stack alignment requirements, so I guess I’ll be working on something else this week…


I am programming a Rust wrapper for libsound.io, which is already usable to a large extent.
At the moment I’m struggling with the callback registration. I need some kind of wrapper for the given callbacks that translates the arguments to raw pointers and hides other nasty FFI stuff.


I have pretty good progress on Rust support for Tundra (example building program + sharedlib here https://github.com/emoon/tundra/blob/rust-support/examples/rust/units.lua?ts=4) Otherwise this week I will work on adding mouse support to https://github.com/emoon/rust_minifb and likely work on some other Rust related things as well.


Finally got mosquitto mqtt client library wrappers up and running for x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu , x86_64-apple-darwin and arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf . Would love some code review though.


I’ve started work on a library to provide TCP tunneling functionality similar to ssh tunnels. I’m planning to use mio to handle the connections, but it’s my first time doing anything like this, so it’s quite the learning curve.