What's everyone working on this week (44/2015)


Tell us what you’re up to this week!


Writing a u2f server


What’s u2f?


An authentication standard made fairly popular by the recent cheap github yubikey promotion.

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  • 1.4 release!
  • Coming up with a way to systematically work on stdlib API docs
  • Working with No Starch on the first chapters of the book
  • At the end of the week, going to Sweden for Øredev.


Tick some more TODO boxes in my BurstTrie collection https://github.com/arthurprs/burst-trie

Add a decent README and Redis protocol for my Floki MQ project https://github.com/arthurprs/floki

  • Just finished typing up an article for my Embedded Blog about a Rust program that talks to a SAM3X8E bootloader. The article still needs editing, but should come out within the next few days.
  • I’m also already super-late with this month’s Von Neumann Defense Force newsletter, so I guess I have more writing ahead of me.

If I’m lucky, I might even get some actual programming done, not just writing about it :smile:


When is the release? Are there any WIP release notes? I couldn’t find them if they exist.


Releases are on Thursdays. There aren’t notes yet, that’s part of the job of this week :slight_smile:


Going to try and finish the Piston game I started 2 weeks back before everyone stole my time like a spooky halloween time demon.


New Rustacean here– working on a binding to libuv (the I/O multiplexing library used in Node.js and a few other projects), and just got (my first library crate!) libuv-sys feature-complete. :smile:

(Can I interest anyone in poking at it and getting the build script working reliably on platforms other than x86_64-apple-darwin?)

I’ve also been trying to write a column-oriented DBMS in Rust, but that’s not nearly ready to show yet.

  • Gtk-rs:
  • work on the FFI side of the bindings generator again to make the translations more thorough and add ABI tests,
  • adjust the wrappers abstractions to modernise cairo bindings,
  • whatever else comes up,
  • some small cargo patches,
  • possibly sneak a line or two into libstd.


I just finished the 1.0.0 release of my account diagnostics tool for my company a couple days ago.

It has since undergone some updates and is now at 1.2.0. I’m really proud of this program and it has really taught me a lot about Rust!

The tool itself does some checks on accounts on our servers:
suspension info, file permissions info, inode info, and htaccess info.

It’s just a nice preliminary tool to use before digging into some issues, as it can point things out that you may miss if you search manually.


Working on porting an implant I wrote for my pentesting job from C to Rust. It’s nothing fancy, encrypted communications, shell command execution, and file upload/download. The customer told me last week that the defenders may have caught the file upload after an exploit, so it’s probably only a matter of time before it’s signatured. I’d been wondering what to work on as my first Rust project, guess I have my answer :stuck_out_tongue:


Mainly just experimenting in order to get my feet wet with the language. It’s been a few years since I touched a systems language:

Working on a collection of configurable non-blocking synthesizers and filters. I’m just learning rust as I go so my my goal for this week is just 4 waveforms and starting on a volume envelope.


Trying to reimplement famous context-rs in a more stable fashion, and with less code.
See https://github.com/target-san/context-rs/tree/rewrite if someone is interested.