What's everyone working on this week? (Week 47/2015)


Greetings fellow Rustaceans! What are you up to this week?


I am continuing with converting a Python3 email analysis app into Rust (first real project), and have just figured out some threading basics by following the excellent documentation and some example Rust projects on Github.

I am also currently looking at what is required to expose FreeBSD’s Capsicum to Rust, as we have some legacy C apps that have been marked for update to use Capsicum, but may be able to go one better by converting them to Rust (with Capsicum bindings) and gaining the additional memory safety etc.


I am learning Rust, and exploring the possibility of writing an OS for the Raspberry Pi architecture in Rust.


Still trying to get multirust to install Android cross libraries. Should be working this week.

Reviewing the FAQ.

Working on the www contributors page.

Following up on dungeon.rust-lang.org.


I am learing Rust, and try to implement a ReactiveX lib with Rust.


Gonna finish my thesis on Rust.

Gotta finish my thesis.


Then stop posting here and finish your thesis! :stuck_out_tongue:


Writing bindings for mosquitto mqtt client library. It’s already working but would like to polish it more.

and learning more rust.


https://github.com/Pscheidl/randtest-rust little library for random generator testing. Just a hobby. I started with easy algorithms.


I am trying to add support for rustc-serialize on rusted_cypher as an opt-in feature.

It will still rely on serde for serialization since I am using an ugly workaround in order to support rustc-serialize without adding too much complexity.