What's everyone working on this week (13/2016)?

Happy Easter to everyone celebrating it and happy Rusting to all! What are you folks up to?

Happy Easter!

Hoping to spend some more time with the deep learning framework leaf.

Also going to polish off object mappings in my Elasticsearch client. The boilerplate required needs to be tidied up, but it's all coming together pretty nicely. Once that's done, I'll implement the geo types using rust-geo.

Attempting to create a crate that configures flexi_logger from a configuration file. Hopefully it will be in a state that can be released by this weekend.

Launching rustup, the new installation tool and successor to multirust.


I fell into a rabbit hole of matrix multiplication.


Reverse suffix literal scanning for regexes! (And other improvements.)

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I wrote a blog post about basic error handling in Rust and I'm working on a todo list application because the world needs another todo list and I'd like to write one in Rust.

If my pull request to coreutils with a basic implementation of ls gets merged, I'll keep improving that chunk of code, too.

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cargo-release - a very, very opinionated release sub command for Cargo.


Some day, hopefully soon, I'll actually have code on master.

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Playing with Piston for the first time. Only 2D for now.

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I'm making Rustful asynchronous, among other things. It's far from finished, but the examples builds (with some small modifications). Feel free to give it a try, and feedback is most welcome.

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A new crate which gives you a generic Atomic<T> type. This is much more flexible than the fixed atomic types provided by the standard library.

I published my flaker library as a crate - https://crates.io/crates/flaker.

Short version - Flaker generates 128-bit ordered IDs that can be generated across multiple machines/processes but can be counted on to be lexically sortable.

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We were working on a innovative RFC to express our feelings inside the code:


A colleague and I released snowpatch version 0.1 today :slight_smile:

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After having programmed in C++ and PHP for years, and briefly looked into SML, Lisp, Python and C, I was initially going to take up Go, but have decided to take up Rust for low level work (3D graphics) and Go for web programming.

I must say, I am excited to be digging into the language as it seems to have all the things that I like about a programming language :smile:

Heck, who knows: I might even use Rust for web programming instead of Go - but each programming language has its strong points.

So, now I am digging my way through the tutorial and have watched a couple of videos (especially Klabnik's - they are great).

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Started a multi-threaded wc implementation to practice using threaded code. Just have to learn the heuristics behind when and and how many threads to use. A single thread per line doesn't run very fast, go figure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Also added some more error-handling to my naive attempt at a simple linear algebra library.

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Oh, I also sent a few patches in to multirust-rs and I'm pretty sure annoyed @brson by being taking more than 24 hours to produce a PR that didn't result in a merge conflict or a busted commit history. My knowledge of git has many bounds.

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