What's everyone working on this week (21/2016)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I still working On my ZX Spectrum emulator, rustzx. At the moment it still not usable, because I need to rewrite some parts of tape handling, border effects and command line parameters (and maybe even beeper sound as i discovered portaudio library and it's rust bindings) But it already runs Shock Megademo, Overscan and I also tested some games like Arkanoid, Star Wars, Jetpac etc. So I planed to release it in next month!

First Rust Brisbane Meetup tomorrow! I'm just putting together a simple end-to-end demo to install from rustup.rs, create a new project with cargo, do some stuff, add some modules and add a dependency.

If it looks like too much content then I'll water it down.

I've been working on parking_lot, which contains optimized implementations of Mutex, RwLock, Condvar and Once. They are about 2x faster than the standard library versions, both when uncontended and with contention from multiple threads.

The library also provides an API for building custom synchronization primitives, so feel free to make your own!


Working on rustimization crate. i have ported fortran implemnetation of L-BFGS-B and CG algorithm into Rust. Trying to clean my code because i am new to rust. Your reviews will be highly appreciated.

Just pushed a first version of overload-strings, a quick (and not entirely serious) syntax extension that mimics OverloadedStrings from Haskell.

Continue my unofficial rewrite of Allen B. Downey's ThinkBayes. My progress can be found at ThinkBayes-rs.
Starting on an election simulator, just for kicks.

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