What's everyone working on this week (43/2023)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Finally working on the preparations for the beta testing phase of my web app with a backend powered in Rust :smiley: .

Probably adding more features to labelmaker, a command I wrote for making batch updates to GitHub repository labels.

Resuming the file API for Agera SDK, a swiss-army-knife, ready-to-use cross-platform solution for building scalable rich internet applications. It will look like Adobe AIR and Apache Flex SDKs. I'm aiming to support building native and web applications. You'll instantiate a project template directly instead of running cargo new (i.e. agera new) and not worry about the final platform.


Wrote a simple Thread-Pool crate. Takes an u64 for number of threads and a turbo-fish T stating the type of data that will be passed in with the functions. Then "jobs" can be added: Passing in a function and a data of type T.

Jobs are grabbed using mutex/conditional-variable on the vector.

Plan on using it for all the other different code projects I am working on.

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