What's everyone working on this week (17/2020)?`

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

In order to become more experienced with writing rust code, I decided to implement a web server using actix instead of simply setting up a standard wordpress installation when a client asked for a new website for his small business.
I'm using diesel.rs as an ORM, but besides that I'm basically writing everything myself. From caching, to authentication, comment section and some sort of event management as well as an administration area.
There is currently no shop/payment service needed, which is why I feel like this is an excellent opportunity to learn without the risk of mishandling any critical data (such as banking information) and so far it's going pretty well.
Of course this is a lot of work when compared to the small set of hours that would have been needed to set up a website with an existing framework like wordpress, but it's fun and I'm learning a lot about lifetimes in an async context as well as the implementation of traits.


I'm working on my cast2gif tool for rendering Asciinema terminal recordings without electron. I'm porting it to a new font-kit based renderer that is 2x faster than the previous SVG-based version. I just finished fixing the playback timing issues as well and I just have to add bold, italic, and underline support, then I can polish it up enough to publish an alpha to crates.io. Here are some samples:

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