What's everyone working on this week (6/2017)

New week, new Rust! What's everyone up to?

I'm working on a more complete sample app for elastic that's shown a couple of janky points in the API, but otherwise is looking pretty good. I've also got an async client sample using hyper in flight I'll keep working on. It'd be neat to be able to demo a simple sniffing async connection pool.

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Continuing to develop a 2D video game, rust-belt, using Piston to learn Rust.

Recently adding inertial movement and README instructions on how to build on Windows and OSX.

Learned how to use GitHub to create protected branches to gate merges into master on Travis / AppVeyor / clippy / rustfmt all passing, which is a pretty neat way to keep the code quality high.


I'm doing cendre, a software implementation of the Vulkan API. Because why not.


I've been working on creating a personal website that's powered by Rust and the Rocket web framework. It can currently be accessed here. Rust is certainly a viable option for web development. Started the project a week ago.


Made very little headway in STRATIS except I added documentation and design ideas, and am starting to work out the bulletin board idea and finish up chat in general.
I did manage to build a management tool to both create the postgres database and watch and automatically rerun the server instance when I build the source.
I'm also giving more thought to UI and how to actually display the game to the player, and am leaning towards building an FFI for Unity to the client code that I'm writing in rust. From what I've seen, doing this in UE4 seems more complicated-- especially if I want to use it as a plugin for blueprints.

Video encoding! I hooked up GIF decoder and libvpx to produce videos from animgifs with preprocessing that removes dithering.


I've got bindgen generating headers on the fly, which is nice. It takes ages to compile in release mode, which isn't so nice.


Now I'm working on getting openh264 working.


I'm coding on ructe and rsass, while contemplating what I want from "the perfect web framework" (I hope I'll get to writing a blog post or two about that, thinking along the lines of having ructe integrated with something like the play framework. Rocket seems to come close, but requires lots of unstable rust features).

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Hierarchical state machines for Rust, with codegen: https://github.com/hashmismatch/fsm.rs

My personal interest for it is a Cleanflight-style quad flight controller.

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