Looking for beta testers for Bookmark Manager Web App

Interesting! Didn't know about xBrowserSync, but I did know about Raindrop.

It's a fun story actually. When I did my research on the status-quo for bookmark managing apps almost 3 years ago, Raindrop was the closest to what I wanted to build. So close indeed that I only spent a couple of hours looking at the UI and features to take notes on the things that I liked and the things that I didn't like, so that I wouldn't give the impression of taking too much "inspiration" from it due to my big respect for the developer behind the app (I loved the idea of a developer dedicated full-time to his project, so I didn't want to give him the impression of stealing his ideas). Now after 2.5 years I decided to go back to use Raindrop and compare what I have built with the current status of Raindrop (to give you an idea, back in the days Raindrop didn't allow users with free accounts to create folders, it was a "Pro version" feature), since now I consider that my app has its own "essence". Interestingly, I have found a lot of similarities, even in those features that I "thought" by myself and didn't take inspiration from Raindrop. I guess that working on the same domain, one way or another, will make certain features to converge.

As for your wish for a homepage, I do actually have a page dedicated for such feature... but so far has been delayed since I needed to focus on implementing the core features first (Currently it only says "Coming soon..."). Your post actually reminded me of a "core value" that I wanted for my project when I started it, but has been delayed for the reasons mentioned above: I wanted a social media where the user was in control of the content to be consumed. Your suggestion is aligned with this core value in the sense that it's about personalization of the user experience, and I like the idea of having widgets for it :smiley:. So far the only other petition that I have received for this section is about receiving "updates" from users you follow.

Will send you the details to access the website before the private beta testing begins, @biwecka :smiley: .

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