What's everyone working on this week (42/2021)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

(somebody has to start pumping the thread)

I'm working on improving the multi-line input field of termimad (a terminal dedicated lib) to provide a better value editing experience for when you use big texts as values in safecloset.

The challenge is mostly on finding the right balance to avoid both usage complexity or painful lack of features while still working in any terminal... without recreating vim...

Mostly waiting for other people to fix things in packages I depend on.

  • Rend3/WGPU had a new release, and I found some bugs two levels down. That's being actively worked on, but there are two bugs I can't work around, so I'm stuck.
  • So I decided to work on the JPEG 2000 decoder I need. The fastest open source JPEG 2000 decoder, Grok, got kicked out of the Debian repository because it failed to compile after they switched to C++17. That broke the grokj2k-sys crate which uses it. Filed issues in hopes of getting that fixed. Someone started an all-Rust implementation, but never finished it, and it's a big job.
  • So I'm looking at rewriting my Linden Lab Serial Data library to work with Serde. I have a help question about that, on what to do when there are multiple output formats, binary and XML. Two crates? Two libs? Two traits?
  • Tried to get into Rust game dev discord, but I'm getting a "files not loading" error.

I do not think this error could be something specific to our community. Maybe something related to the Discord client/web itself.

Could you try this link? Game Development in Rust.

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