What's everyone working on this week (42/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I got tired of how many clicks it takes to modify issues on gitlab, so this weekend I started working on boardy. It is a terminal frontend similar to gitlab boards where the bulk of all interactions will be done using a command line with fuzzy completion.

It can currently fetch and render issues in the right board list as well as add and remove labels. Next step is to add support for viewing and editing descriptions, probably inside vim.

The architecture is based on the elm architecture which works really well in rust, even though it is slightly more verbose than the functional syntax counterpart :slight_smile:


I continue working on a Si4703 (and similar) FM radio turner (receiver) driver.

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Tetra's WASM renderer is now pretty much feature complete! Still missing audio support and a few event types (gamepad, text input, etc), but it's enough to get a decent amount of projects playable in the browser.

Still got a few more high level API decisions to make, and a ton of docs to rewrite, but hopefully 0.3 isn't far off now :slight_smile:

I've started an Assembler-Programming course at university two weeks ago and was annoyed at the poor quality and incompleteness of the avaliable Intel 8086 emulators, so I decided to write my own in Rust.
I still know basically nothing about the language and failed at something really basic and needed the help of this forum.

After my problem was resolved, I found this thread while browsing.
I like the idea of a weekly supply of cool things that people are doing in rust :slight_smile:

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Trying to move forward the discussion on atomic volatile in Rust !

(Basically an LLVM extension to C's volatile semantics which Rust inherited so far, that eliminates a couple of footguns by matching "volatile loads and stores are juste like hardware loads and stores" programmer intuition better and opens some interesting perspective wrt interprocess communication)

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