What's everyone working on this week (34/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I'm still trying to prepare a PR with a draft of Rust GameDev WG's newsletter and then I'll move to finishing the blog post and video for Zemeroth v0.6.


i will try making my own server side scripting language and HTTP server in Rust !

I'm working on exploring async/await rewrite of some of my Tokio/Futures based libraries!

v0.25.0 of uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) was released last week and contains the long requested Information (bit, byte, ...) and InformationRate (bit/s, byte/s, ...) quantities (thanks /u/Lukazoid)! I've also been spending a bit of time working on a proc-macro based v2.0 that can hopefully overcome some of the limitations of current implementation.

Nuts and bolts business work : I'm writing a command line script to take two user accounts and merge them together in a mongo database . Which is to say: I'm getting paid to write rust at $DAYJOB.

I'm also developing some rust training exercises.

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I'm currently building a desktop App for Bloom: The free and open source Google in Rust and looked for information about what is the best GUI option available today for Rust. I didn't find nothing convincing/enough argued so I made my own research.

It was a lot of work so I want to share it to the community :grinning:

I tested the following frameworks: Electron + Neon, Rust program + Qt dynamic, Rust Program + Qt static, Gtk, Cpp program + Rust lib static + Qt static, Cpp program + Rust lib static + Qt dynamic, Electron + NodeJS Cpp Addon, Electron + FFI.

for the following criteria: Ease of build, Build time, Bundle size, Ease of deployment, Rust interoperability, Speed of development, RAM usage, CPU usage, Security, Look, Responsive UI, Framework fixability, Platforms support, Built-in features, 3rd party components, Debugging, Testing, Community, License.

Here are the details, ranking and code examples: https://gitlab.com/z0mbie42/rust_gui_ecosystem_overview


A Font parser

Currently the GPOS tables…

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