What's everyone working on this week (3/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Figuring out how to write custom prefabs in :gem: Amethyst, then perhaps shall write a guide on that.

Part of that "figuring out" process is using it to load assets in my game.


Still working on enumx project, with some significant improvements.

Finally getting somewhere with audio support in Tetra - first time mucking about with the concurrency primitives in Rust, and it's been surprisingly painless so far :slight_smile:

I think once this is done, I'm going to take a little break from developing new features until I've actually had a chance to make some stuff with the engine. That said, still open to bug reports/feature requests!

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Got some free time again and spent it working on uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis ) over the weekend. Finished a long-open PR to implement formatting traits. I'm planning on pushing the update to crates.io today.

I think I just fixed a bug and therefore finished the subsurface scattering code. I'm in the middle of re-rendering the test scene with 8192 pixelsamples, but a lower pixel sample value looks already promising (see issue). The high res version will render a couple of hours, so once it's confirmed to match the C++ code I will not only close the issue, but cleanup and prepare/release a new rs-pbrt version. After that I might have some time to contemplate a bit about last years progress, and write a blog post about future plans for the renderer, where I could use some help, or where to focus research on ...


I have finally got around to publishing my blog posts about learning Rust. My plan is to work on increasingly complicated projects while learning Rust
https://www.codeslow.com/2019/01/simple-sudoku-solver-in-rust.html and https://www.codeslow.com/2019/01/simple-sudouk-solver-in-rust-part-2.html

Designing an ergonomic ODE solver API around my sundials-sys ffi crate. Would love input from anybody with opinions on what this should look like (closer to C interface, or closer to a Scipy rip-off, or a macro-based DSL, etc) otherwise I have a few ideas I hope to get to this weekend and start iterating on.

The image rendered by Rust matches the C++ version 100% :star_struck:

> imf_diff sss_dragon.png ~/Graphics/Rendering/PBRT/pbrt-v3-scenes/sssdragon/f15-7.png
sss_dragon.png /usr/people/jan/Graphics/Rendering/PBRT/pbrt-v3-scenes/sssdragon/f15-7.png: no differences.
== "sss_dragon.png" and "/usr/people/jan/Graphics/Rendering/PBRT/pbrt-v3-scenes/sssdragon/f15-7.png" are identical

The scene can be downloaded from here (pbrt/sss_dragon.tar.gz) ...


Work-in-progress of dark theme for crates.rs, thanks to @0x1234


I released the fist version of malaga_http_utils_0.1 and I will start to work with malaga framework

Added many methods for the Ruby garbage collector.

And I have been discussing how we can possibly get Ruby objects stored in a Rust Vec to work since the Ruby GC will crash when we use a Rust Vec rather than a Rust array.

Still working on Eko, a simple scripting language written in Rust. I’m in the middle of reworking the interpreter to use bytecode instead of walking the tree.