What's everyone working on this week (24/2023)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Continuing to build my timestudy CLI (like timewarrior but in Rust) and also continuing to look for a job that lets me work with Rust predominantly. I'm also going to try to spend more time here and less time than I already do on r/rust.

Working on Socketioxide, a socket io crate based on tower & hyper. I'm currently improving examples and docs.

Working on tqdm, a rust implementation of the python command line progress bar tool tqdm. I'm trying to add more features, and maybe write a binary version.

I want to bring better technology back to the local offline software. Recently, I am trying to use tantivy and sqlite to create a diary/note software, and I am worried about the problem of early optimization , and writing a service of machine selector to the company recently, using axum

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