What's everyone working on this week (5/2021)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I'm working on file manager using cursive library. Basically I want to replicate mc.


I'm Working on a learning project : implementing the NCDA (Noid Check Digit Algorithm) algorithm in Rust.

I'm trying to build a full featured Rust app and lib from A to Z with few goals in mind:

  • Learn basic concepts of WebAssembly :spider_web:
  • Learn how to build python native modules with Rust and Pyo3 :snake:
  • Learn how to build Web Services with Rocket.rs :rocket:
  • Lean how to build GUI app with Tauri :shinto_shrine:
  • Keep learning things about Rust optimization and error handling :crab:
  • Learn basic concepts of OpenApi

There is room for improvement, so if you have some time, I'll much appreciating your feedback ! (especially on the async and I/O part that gives me a hard time ).

Have a good week.

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I've published the initial version of RampMaker, a library for creating stepper motor acceleration ramps. Now I need to do some more finishing touches, possibly release 0.1.1, and write an announcement post.

Next, I'm going back to work on Step/Dir. I want to integrate RampMaker and use it to create a higher-level and more convenient interface than what is currently available.

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As part of studying Rust, I'm writing an essay that describes Rust to C# developers. This forces me to research the ecosystems, language theories, etc so I know them better.

Just finished The Rust Programming Language book. I'm working my first rust project ever - a cli that can communicate with an api server, basically a simpler version of curl.

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If you were doing it with a GUI, which would you choose?

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I am using Rust to create a lexer + parser to evaluate simple arithmetic expressions and it is amazing that with the little I know the code works very well and it was much faster to write in Rust than in C++!


Working on a library to build numerical simulations for research in quantum computing. Also trying to convince other members of the team to consider rust.

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Finishing a nginx log analyzer: GitHub - Canop/rhit

This evening I'm looking at various optimization strategies but there doesn't seem to be much to gain. BTW UTF8 checking in Rust is damn efficient and the flate2 library is amazing too.

I could be interested in this, and some friends of me too. Is it open-source ?

I had a good experience with Gtk on Linux. The project is well documented, and easy to use in combo with glade. That said it's another story for cross platform app (even though Gtk can be used on Windows and Mac).

Personally I'm considering giving a try to tauri. Tauri seems very similar to electron and other web app based GUI.

You might already know this site but in case you don't : https://www.areweguiyet.com/

Iā€™m building stateless clustered servers that relay messages between sessions over WebSockets via Redis Streams, so that all parts of the system can be highly available and reliable. Rust and its nice ecosystem of good crates seem perfect for it.

Yes it is. But it is still in an early state. My most recent progress are still private, but I will update everything in a near future.

on crates.io
on github

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