What's everyone working on this week (51/2020)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Work on Step/Dir is currently going ahead full steam. I've been working on lots of clean-ups and API improvements in preparation of making the interface non-blocking.

Making an automated port scanner service called Portly. It will tell you if a new port has been opened on one of your servers, or if a known port has stopped listening.

I really tried to use yew for the front-end, but the tooling and compile times are not there yet.

I am however exporting rust types into typescript so client and server stay in sync. Very handy thanks to typescript-definitions.

Edit: Major crates iff you're curious: warp, sqlx, clap, thiserror, anyhow, chrono, tokio, serde.

Just completed the Ray Tracer Challenge, so I'll start studying Programming Rust (1st ed.).

I'm working on spending more time answering questions from others in the community (especially those relatively new to Rust) while taking a break on implementation work for some personal projects.

Even if I cannot answer a question, doing the research I can around the question's topic tends to concretize concepts which were previously foggy.