“The Rust Programming Language” has been sent to the printers!

Hey everyone! @carols10cents and I just got word that “The Rust Programming Language” is being sent to the printers. This is a huge step for the book. Thank you all for your help with reviewing over the past few years.

I don’t know when that will be reflected over at https://nostarch.com/Rust but I’m assuming soon! We have no promised ship date as of now.


This is fantastic news! Well done to you both for grinding through all the way :smiley:

Your energy is inspirational.


Woohoo! Congratulations. So much effort, and I’m happy to see it come to fruition!


Congratulations! Well done.

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Bought it, I’m super excited!

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I really want a hardcopy but not for an additional $24 in shipping costs. :frowning:

Did you try Amazon?

Congrats! Just ordered my copy!

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Congrats! I almost forgot I’ve purchased the early access ebook. :laughing: BTW When can I get the full version of ebook? Should I wait until the printers finish the job?

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My assumption is that they will release the print and ebooks at the same time. The ebook is done; I had to sign off on the PDF to be sent to the printer in the first place, but I’m guessing that they wait to do it all at once.


Congratulations, I assume it is done for 2018 edition, as it will be meaningless doing so for 2015 edition now!

The print editions currently out are for the 2015 edition, but we're working with No Starch to update the book for the 2018 edition. Turns out it's hard to accurately document new features while they're being developed because they might change, so the book is always going to lag behind stable Rust just a bit!

Edited to add a further clarification: the book being about the 2015 edition isn't really "meaningless" as you put it; 2015 edition code will continue to compile with newer versions of Rust, so all the code in the book that compiles will continue to compile.


A valid point, thought my recommendation is to wait till 2018 be ready, so the lagging period be as short as possible.

May be my meaning was not clear, pls don’t take it sensetivly.
I deeply appreciate your efforts, I mean some people may consider it an ‘outdated’ version, and studies no interest in it, and may prefer waiting for new ‘updated’