“The Rust Programming Language” has been sent to the printers!


Hey everyone! @carols10cents and I just got word that “The Rust Programming Language” is being sent to the printers. This is a huge step for the book. Thank you all for your help with reviewing over the past few years.

I don’t know when that will be reflected over at https://nostarch.com/Rust but I’m assuming soon! We have no promised ship date as of now.


This is fantastic news! Well done to you both for grinding through all the way :smiley:

Your energy is inspirational.


Woohoo! Congratulations. So much effort, and I’m happy to see it come to fruition!


Congratulations! Well done.


Bought it, I’m super excited!


I really want a hardcopy but not for an additional $24 in shipping costs. :frowning:


Did you try Amazon?


Congrats! Just ordered my copy!


Congrats! I almost forgot I’ve purchased the early access ebook. :laughing: BTW When can I get the full version of ebook? Should I wait until the printers finish the job?


My assumption is that they will release the print and ebooks at the same time. The ebook is done; I had to sign off on the PDF to be sent to the printer in the first place, but I’m guessing that they wait to do it all at once.