Best printed book with Rust 2018 Edition in mind?

So I need to buy couple of printed copies of books to circulate in the office, and now that 2018 Edition is out, it would be great to have one where at least module system changes are reflected, so readers don't get confused.

I see that the online version of The Rust Programming Language - The Rust Programming Language is updated, but is there already a printed version of it that I could order? Or is there any other book that I could use?

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There will eventually be an update to the print book, but I can’t guarantee a date.


I understand no guarantees, but is it going to be more like next month, or middle of next year? :slight_smile:

Still can’t quite say. With all the work in shipping the edition I’ve gotten a bit out of sync with no starch, I have to ask them about it.