How much is outdated the printed version of rust book?

I already read from top to bottom the entire rust book actually online at august of 2022.

I'd like to buy printed book to bring it with me at the sea (yes, i read rust book at the sea !)

But while i can accept a book 'a bit' old, I ask your kindly personal opinion about if the printed book itself is "too" old to worth the buy.

I am at my first days on rust must I'm consulting the book quite often.

Online versione says
"This version of the text assumes you’re using Rust 1.59 "

Printed edition says
"Covers Rust 2018"

How must 'Rust 2018' is behind Rust 1.59 ?

"Rust 2018" is not a specific version of Rust. It's an edition.

Rust's current version is 1.63, released yesterday. Version 1.59 was released at the end of February, making it less than 6 months old. In my opinion, if you are still at the early stage of learning Rust, you won't miss much of the minor advanced features added since then.


Found thanks !

I see here: Rust 2021 - The Edition Guide

Rust 2021 is 1.56.0
Rust 2018 is 1.31.0

Aside 25 minor, if major changes are what listed at left side here Introduction - The Edition Guide at point 4, yes... a book covering rust 2018 is still enough updated.
I don't see deprecated code in rust 2021 vs rust 2018.

Is it planned to reprint the book to cover Rust 2021?

There is not much difference between editions. Editions are for allowing minor but technically breaking changes which would otherwise require a major version increment, and for allowing Rust code written using different editions to co-exist. Thus, Rust editions aren't deprecated.

I don't know.

Fun fact - if you won't have access to the internet but will still have a computer with you, you can still read the offline version of the docs via rustup.

$ rustup doc --help
Open the documentation for the current toolchain

    rustup doc [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [topic]

        --alloc              The Rust core allocation and collections library
        --book               The Rust Programming Language book
        --cargo              The Cargo Book
        --core               The Rust Core Library
        --edition-guide      The Rust Edition Guide
        --embedded-book      The Embedded Rust Book
    -h, --help               Prints help information
        --nomicon            The Dark Arts of Advanced and Unsafe Rust Programming
        --path               Only print the path to the documentation
        --proc_macro         A support library for macro authors when defining new macros
        --reference          The Rust Reference
        --rust-by-example    A collection of runnable examples that illustrate various Rust concepts and standard
        --rustc              The compiler for the Rust programming language
        --rustdoc            Generate documentation for Rust projects
        --std                Standard library API documentation
        --test               Support code for rustc's built in unit-test and micro-benchmarking framework
        --unstable-book      The Unstable Book

I don't think the printed book is out-dated at all, the changes since 2018 are quite minor and mostly outside the scope of the book. You can read about the changes introduced by the 2021 edition here:


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