The Rust Programming Language book

Hello! I want to learn Rust (I'm a total beginner) and I would like to read The Rust Programming Language book. But I noticed that there are actually two books: this one and the "covers Rust 2018" one.

My questions are: should I buy the second one, because the first one is not relevant any more, or is the first one ok? Are there any significant differences between the two? Or I'm completely wrong and they are the same book? I ask this, because I don't want to waste money on something that is outdated or deprecated.

Can someone clarify this to me, please? Thank you!

If you have a choice, buy the second one. The first one is still relevant since the Rust guarantees backward compatibility, but the one covers 2018 edition would covers features added after time when the first one is written.

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Typically one would just by the latest version possible. So if you haven't bought one yet get that.

I suspect that if you already have an older version it's quite usable as well. All be it it may be missing a few new features.

I'm all for buying the book, to support the cause as much as the fact I like a good old fashioned paper book. But I have to say I generally read what is online.

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The old version of the book is about 80% relevant still. Edition guide explains the differences.

The changes in 2018 edition simplified some of the language. There are some examples in the 2015 book that say "this doesn't work, because (complex reasons)" and that code actually works in Rust now.


Thank you all for the replies! It's a bit sad that I couldn't find the second version of the book in a library in my country.

@SimonMaracine Just in case that was not clear from the previous responses: The online version of the book is freely available at The Rust Programming Language - The Rust Programming Language


I don't know if it's allowed (you'd have to ask Steve/Carol), but I have an epub (or PDF, I forget which) from roughly a month ago. I got it as part of a bundle, so I have no particular use for it — I just use the online documentation as necessary. I would be happy to gift the electronic copy to you, deleting all copies I possess, if you would like.

I know that there is an online (or offline) version of the book, but I find it easier to read from an actual paper book. Or do you say that it's not really worth buying the book, because there is a free electronic version? I think it's worth it. I can read it from anywhere.

I just wanted do mention it because it wasn't clear if you already knew.
I do like reading a real paper book but when it comes to programming, I prefer the electronic version. I usually like to try out things and to be able to copy/paste is a big advantage.
Additionally, all the examples in the book can be executed directly in the HTML version which is neat.


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