The Rust Programming Language book now available for preorder from NoStarch for Oct 2017!



The cover looks pretty cute :grinning:


Very nice! Just to clarify, is this a print edition of, or something new?

It’s the second edition of that book.


Very nice! Just to clarify, is this a print edition of, or something new?

It’s the second edition13 of that book.

Jer is correct. It’s the same thing that’s being developed in the second-edition directory in this repo and can be read via the link jer provided. We’re about 3/4 of the way through drafts of the chapters, halfway through an initial round of edits with our editor at NoStarch, and 1/4 through copy edits. We’d love feedback and corrections on the later chapters if anyone is interested in making the print version even awesomer!


Instant pre-order!

I just pre-ordered. I mentioned it on my company’s slack channel that anyone could borrow it once I got it in. In reply our CTO said: “Mutable or immutable borrow?”


Would order the book, but the cost to ship to Europe is just too high… :frowning:


NoStarch is in the process of becoming a Penguin Random House distribution client. They have mentioned the book will be available eventually through, Amazon, and other retail websites, but because they’re in the middle of this process, showing up on the other websites might take longer than usual. Hopefully one of the other distributors will have lower shipping costs to you?


I see. I’ve ended up on this version of the book before, but never got around reading it because the writing style felt too wordy on a computer screen, and the section granularity felt a bit too coarse for online material. Knowing that it was written with print in mind helps me understand these changes.

I’ll probably order the print version once a better shipping solution is available in Europe.

Is there a documentation project to replace the first edition of the book as a quick online language reference? It was probably not written with this in mind at all, but turns out to be remarkably useful for that purpose.

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There isn’t a project with the specific goal of “replace the first edition of the book as a quick online language reference” in mind, but there is rust by example and the reference which may fit your needs. Please consider contributing to those resources if they don’t have the info you’re looking for!

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Thanks for the pointers! I love the nightly version of the language reference, its sidebar-based index and independent sections will make it a lot more usable for me than the previous one-page version :heart:

As for Rust by Example, I like the idea, but am less of a fan of the current content organization. Because each code example is contained within its own small (sub-)section, the document has a lot of sections, which results in the sidebar being so long and deeply nested that it becomes unpleasant to use, especially on small laptop screens.

Does the documentation generator support “folding” sections in the sidebar, like the tree-view files explorers of desktop operating systems? If so, I’d spontaneously ask it to do so either at the section or at the sub-section level.

In any case, I’ll try to use these for a bit, and submit some PRs if I notice some strange things around.

I don’t know. Rust by Example still uses gitbook, it looks like, but I think @steveklabnik plans to migrate it to mdBook eventually. I don’t think mdBook has the ability to collapse sidebar subtopics yet either, but that would make a great feature request!

Looking at existing issues, it looks like others already requested this before, twice even, which I guess answers the question of whether the feature is already there or not. Well, since I’m too bad at / uninterested in webdev to help here, I guess I’ll need to wait :slight_smile:

I do

Does no starch have a system in place for somewhat regularly updating the eBook as the original source content is updated?

Well, we aren’t really planning to make large changes to the book after it goes to print. Here’s a summary of our maintenance intentions.

No Starch does have an account page where you can re-download ebook files for the books you’ve purchased, I don’t know how often they’ll let us update the ebook though.


I ran across this a few days ago - “Rust Programming Language, The (Manga Guide)” I wonder if there is some more info on this version of the book? :slight_smile:

I have no idea! Heh.

Haha :slight_smile: