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I'm trying to learn Rust and finding more and more "I don't remember seeing that in the Rust book". So I'm looking for book recommendations. I've read through The Rust Programming Language a couple of times and picked up a copy of the second edition, but I feel the book is woefully incomplete as a language reference. In fairness, part of the problem is that the language is still evolving (I just figured out, for example, that the book doesn't mention async/await because it predates those features...)

What book or books would you recommend as a comprehensive guide and reference? Which books did you find most useful when first learning the language?

There's nothing that's totally comprehensive. The thing that's closest is

The other books that are out there are good too, but if you're looking for "the book that explains everything", it just doesn't exist.

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That looks incredibly useful, thanks!

O'Reilly's "Programming Rust" is the best I've found at introducing core language concepts in a logical, easy-to-follow way. Rust's 2018 edition has made a few elements of it obsolete (though a 2nd edition of the book is on the way), but the basic ideas still hold and I still reach for it once in awhile for a refresher.


Yeah, I almost ordered a copy earlier today but given Amazon's delayed shipping schedule right now I thought I'd seek recommendations first. Good to know you find this one useful.

"Programming Rust" 2nd edition is scheduled for release May 2021. Details here.

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