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I ordered a paper copy of The Book, but realized after that it covers Rust 2015 - the missing 2018 bubble in Ferris pincer gave it away :crab: ...

I looked up the differences but cannot understand if it is major updates (a new impl Traits seems kind of big...) and I should order the updated version or if The book 2015 is sufficient for 99% of core concepts?

What do you advise?

Rust is backwards compatible, so the things in the book still work today, but there will be a bunch of stuff missing in your book.
You can find an up-to-date version of the book online: The Rust Programming Language - The Rust Programming Language


Most edition difference is covered in the Edition Guide: Introduction - The Rust Edition Guide


Thank you both! I saw this comparison between the two editions, but still I can't determine if the bunch of stuff is sufficiently important to send back the book and get a new one :slight_smile: (and wait two weeks :stuck_out_tongue:)

So with your background and everything you know, would you start learning from the older book?

If you don't mind the wait and can get a refund it's probably worth it sending the old one back and getting a new one. However the the old book is still good enough to get you started and you can come back to the new changes when you're more familiar with Rust.


We have a high-level summary of the differences between the two books on the front page of The Rust Programming Language - The Rust Programming Language --

This iteration of the book contains a number of changes to reflect those improvements:

  • Chapter 7, “Managing Growing Projects with Packages, Crates, and Modules,” has been mostly rewritten. The module system and the way paths work in the 2018 Edition were made more consistent.
  • Chapter 10 has new sections titled “Traits as Parameters” and “Returning Types that Implement Traits” that explain the new impl Trait syntax.
  • Chapter 11 has a new section titled “Using Result<T, E> in Tests” that shows how to write tests that use the ? operator.
  • The “Advanced Lifetimes” section in Chapter 19 was removed because compiler improvements have made the constructs in that section even rarer.
  • The previous Appendix D, “Macros,” has been expanded to include procedural macros and was moved to the “Macros” section in Chapter 19.
  • Appendix A, “Keywords,” also explains the new raw identifiers feature that enables code written in the 2015 Edition and the 2018 Edition to interoperate.
  • Appendix D is now titled “Useful Development Tools” and covers recently released tools that help you write Rust code.
  • We fixed a number of small errors and imprecise wording throughout the book. Thank you to the readers who reported them!

Hope that helps!


Thank you @carols10cents, and everyone :purple_heart: :grinning: :brown_heart:.
I saw those changes but I am incapable to understand how major there are (is there a dealbreaker somewhere :thinking:). In the end I got the new version, and will follow online for the time being.

And btw: How do you do when everyone comes up with a good solution? MUST I choose a solution?

Look what arrived at last. I feel more than ready after tinkering around a lot with embedded and the sokoban game!


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