What's everyone working on this week (50/2020)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I'm pretty new here ! In fact, I started leaning Rust yesterday. I'm in chapter 4 and I have understood ownership, reference, and borrowing. I'll read and practice about the slice type in the morning. I plan to read at least half of the book this week and to start thinking about a first project I'd like to code in Rust.


Finally finished work on the test stand for Step/Dir! Next, I'll look into making the interface non-blocking. (The interface is currently blocking, which is not suitable for most serious use cases.)

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I'm working at porting Unimarc (an international bibliographical data format) to Rust using code generation. This project aims to help users to create valid Unimarc records by checking the validity at compile time.

This port is experimental and aims to get familiar with proc_macros.

As part of my studying Rust, I am working on the CLI tool that adds some extra functionality to improve maintaining Angular projects: https://crates.io/crates/rung.

Very much in love with Rust so far!

I spend last week getting the basics of the lasso tool working for FlowBetween. Here's how it's looking when selecting a section of an existing drawing:

and we we can now use it to cut out a path just by dragging:

the end result is still just a vector path:

The path can be chopped up as much as is needed:

All the work in getting flo_curves to deal with what seemed to be an endless stream of edge cases paying off here. One of the things I wanted to do when I started the project was make a vector editor that felt like a painting program, and a big part of that was making a lasso tool that worked like those found in bitmap editors, so I'm quite happy with this result.

This is the first tool to use a new 'futures' based design, where the tool runs as an infinite loop in a future with a stream of events instead of having a state machine/event handler arrangement. This has also proved pretty successful, I think: it makes the design of complex UI interactions like this much clearer than the usual event-handler arrangement UI frameworks use.

Still a few things to work out: I want to add some path arithmetic operations for editing lasso selections, and a set of tools for drawing shapes as well as free-hand selections. There's a few weird bugs to work out - the transform operation only works on keyframes right now in particular, which is decidedly weird. The main tool is working, though, which is good as I'm planning to use it for the basis of a lot of the future tools I have planned.


That is a really cool project, thank you for sharing.

My own ambitions are a little smaller. I just got a little cli tool working that generates an svg image template of a guitar fretboard given some basic measurements. It's my first time actually splitting the poisoned into multiple files, first time trying to break away from c- style functions and use implementations.

I'll be looking to do something a little more challenging next.

Hi !

I'm working on scaphandre. A power consumption monitoring agent. The goal is to help make IT more sustainable by providing reliable power consumption metrics in a convenient way.

Any feedback or contribution would be awesome !

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