What's everyone working on this week (12/2019)

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Spent some time attempting to start a re-work of uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis). I reserved the uom-macros crate as I'm looking to transition to function-style procedural macros.

Porting vange-rs from gfx pre-ll to wgpu.


Still working on my SAT solver varisat, and just published a new blog post about my progress.

Going to be working on some new editing commands for FlowBetween: in particular, I'd like to get element and layer re-ordering to work this week. I've got a bigger list if I somehow get ahead of myself: grouping and transforms in particular.

Finally got the Cocoa UI to a state where I'm reasonably happy with it, so the website has a download link on it for OS X; I've also written a building page for other platforms (cargo install --git doesn't want to work for some reason with the current repository layout, so a manual clone is required right now).

Working on a blog post on the UI architecture FlowBetween uses, as it's pretty different from the usual and I think quite interesting.

Extending syn to support parsing Paths in meta attributes.

#[derive(derive_more::Add, derive_more::AddAssign)]
struct MyStruct;


Normally would import the derive like use derive_more::{Add, AddAssign};, but when writing a proc macro attribute to generate the derives, don't want to pollute the module scope with those uses.

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Working my way through the many Rust YouTube videos, the Rust Lang book and converting a few Python and Perl scripts I have to Rust.


Experimenting with a persistent log-structured key-value store. As with several other projects I've been working on, I'll probably get just far enough to learn something, and then set it aside for the next shiny thing. We'll see though.

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Making WebSockets in webassembly implement AsyncRead and AsyncWrite so they can be used as generic streams.

Making actix actors work on webassembly so we can send messages around inside the browser and between browser and server.

I want to reuse my ipc code everywhere and treat the browser frontend just like another ipc process connected to my server.

im working on a calculator REPL, something similar to bc(1)!


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I've recently started a university project for metaheuristics and I chose Rust to develop it. It's my first contact with the language, and it gets weird at times, but I think I'm going to learn a lot with Rust.

Continuing with vdot, it's been really fun working on a simple command line tool.

Tests in documentation is amazing! Can't believe what a motivator it is to writing good documentation.

Have found the whole cross-compiling setup in Rust very painful, it feels wrong that I'm running things in Travis that I can't actually do locally to get the same output. But I did find GitHub - japaric/trust: Travis CI and AppVeyor template to test your Rust crate on 5 architectures and publish binary releases of it for Linux, macOS and Windows which is super helpful.

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For me, converting something i know into a new language is the best way for me to learn.