What's everyone working on this week (3/2020)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

My boyfriend and I decided to write a small multiplayer top-down game together over the weekend β€” we used no game libraries and our graphics library was termion using ascii-art. It was rather fun even if we mostly got bored with the project after writing the game engine and netcode. It was his first time using Rust, and I think he did quite well with some guidance on the language from me, although it also helped a lot that he is very experienced with stuff like pattern matching and iterator combinators from other languages.

Hopefully sometime this week I will write a talk for the next Rust hack night in Copenhagen called β€œThe Future is here!”. I also did a talk on futures at the hack night last May before we got async await.


Well I'm back to work on a multiply-linked (but more importantly multiply-ordered) list. I just released a crate, Pluralize, which lets you write code to be generic with whether a given type is a single primitive or a vector of that primitive. Maybe someone with more creativity than me will find that useful for something else, but my brain has been fried working on this project and I can only think of reality in terms of linked lists. It's pretty barren for now, but it does the job of making a single usize into an iterator over a single usize.

Continuing work on a raytracer. Rectangles, lighting, translations, and rotations have been added. I am trying to figure out why my cube is acting weird when rotated :sweat_smile:

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