What's everyone working on this week (44/2023)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Teaching myself Rust by trying to port Fu510nTrader (trading platform consisting of 40k lines of Python 3.x/PyQt6 code) to (hopefully) gtk4 as I don't believe Qt6 widgets work with Rust (yet).

O.M.G. - what was I thinking...


The silly notion that I can solve and prove that P=NP, via solving 3SAT in polynominal time. This and the last 10 attempts/algorithms have all been written in Rust.

I love how easy it is to build and use (local) library crates, allowing me to quickly try out new ideas, without redoing setup/configure code. Linking libraries in C/C++ always gave me trouble.

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I continue to develop my mini project. Link to github

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