What's everyone working on this week (28/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

1. For a few days, I've been almost completely rewriting the source code of my linguistic tool lngcnv. The new code (not yet available publicly) will be better-organised, easier to maintain, and fully backwards-compatible.

2. I moreover started to work on a Fortran implementation of my scientific crate coprosize, which is now the "Crate of the Week" (self-nominated :rofl:, but still thank you folks for the votes! :kissing_heart:). Having the same computer program in two different languages is a kind of an experiment for me, a programming experience... In case the Fortran version looks and works nicely, I'll make it available and maintain both branches.

By the way, while people on the Internet are so amazingly crazy about C and C++, I can find virtually no information on the interoperability between Rust and Fortran--the only compiled languages truly appealing for me.


I'm try to rebuild a URL minifier I once built in Node with Rust https://github.com/opeolluwa/rustly but it's been challenging to dockerise it because it had template files for serving the Web pages. Perhaps some can help ):

Wow :flushed:

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