What's everyone working on this week (48/2016)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

So I'm still writing a small library for symbolic polynomials over the integers. The only issue I have so far with rust is that for operator overloading with reference the API looks a bit ugly with the need of & everywhere. E.g.:

let r = &(&a / &b) + &c;

Other than that it is quite fun to implement all of operators and see it working nicely. One other caveat is that division returns Option<SymPolynomial>.

Note that in terms of systems, this is probably not of use for anyone. However, it can be used inside compilers for HPC (for instance frameworks like Theano, Tensorflow) for automatic shape inference. I'm actually copying my C++ implementation here: https://github.com/Metadiff/symbolic-integers. It would be fun if I can actually build the whole Graph IR from there in Rust, so that we can have an HPC LLVM equivalent in Rust.


I'm working on interfacing with the DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor using an ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller from NXP. So far this mostly involved updating and extending my base code for embedded development, which I'm going to polish and release as time permits.

In addition I'm working on a website, using Hyper for the backend. Doing this myself in Rust has been quite a bit of work so far, but I seem to be too stubborn to just use something like WordPress.

Eleventh chapter of Mastering Rust | Packt -- which covers parsing and serialization with all kinds of tools.

Book is currently at about 240 pages, which means that I should still write a little over a hundred pages. The rest of the chapters will be "case study" chapters, covering library/framework usage (Iron, gtk-rs etc).


After a year+ of lurking I published my first crate rle_vec. It is a structure that handles like a Vec, but stores run length encoded values. Very useful for storing sparse data like genomic features.