What's everyone working on this week (26/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Implementing Tetris! I have so much fun I can hardly call it studying. I’m having an issue over an iterating function, I’ll post it right away.

Spawning energy entities. Currently it’s buggy:


v0.24.0 of uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) was released last week! This week I’ll be reviewing some PRs and adding support for i128/u128 as an underlying storage type.

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Published v0.1.0 of xfetch crate. It provides optimal probabilistic early cache expiration. The CacheEntry can be used with any cache crate. This week I’ll continue to polish the document and maybe work on a batteries included lru_ttl_cache crate.

Noob here (about 5 months) that’s finally started to jump into the community.

I’m porting something from PHP as a first project to help learn the language. It’s a script that shuffles and rotates background images in Windowmaker and Unity. It works now, but there are features that have not yet been implemented. I’m currently working on config file reading to limit the number of args that may be needed to be passed at the command line.

Awesome language! Far different way of thinking than PHP, Ruby, Python, and Javascript!

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I will continue developing Malaga

Writing a PDF viewer using pathfinder.

I have written up a couple of detailed proposals to improve bytes:

I have started converting pdf.js to Rust using wasm-bindgen link. So far I’ve converted some basic functionality, mainly as a PoC.

The trick is to incrementally convert functions while making sure the test suite passes. However, it is tricky to modify the original build/test suite correctly. One issue is that webpack doesn’t support loading wasm in the main thread. To circumvent this, I used a technique I first saw in the rusty-typescript project.

The test suite is mostly passing now in Firefox, so I just have a bit more debugging to do.

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I’ve been working on porting Tetra (a 2D game development library) to use glow instead of raw GL calls. This was a bit tricky as it forced me to confront a few flaws in the original design, but as of yesterday evening, the examples are up and running again :slight_smile:

Theoretically, the only blockers for getting the engine running on WASM now are:

  • Reimplementing the platform layer on top of the web instead of SDL
  • Figuring out how to get audio working (I’ll probably just disable it as a first step)

I fixed the problem with the coffee-splash scene and otherwise worked less on Rust code, but on a more complex Blender scene (simplified version of an already existing scene), adding only Rust code for reading binary Blender files directly in case there was no workaround and/or missing features …

See also release notes for more details …

I continued some work on Offst (A decentralized payment system based on mutual credit). This week I wrote my first procedural macro, allowing to automatically derive mutual From implementations for two structs that have exactly the same fields.

It’s a pretty simple macro, but a great achievement with respect to the amount of code I could erase using it. If you are interested, the pull request can be seen here. I got some help with writing this macro on this forum.

Working on adding non-exhaustive enum support in abi_stable,having already implemented the code to use them,now working on documentation and examples.

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Hi folks I’m new here. You are a great group, I have been lurking (or evaluating) for quite some time.

Though it might seem off topic, I am interested in disk performance features as I look at the various graph crates. I like fast, but this starts with the OS. By gosh it starts with your disk and defrags!!!

Anyway… I am just system testing the code cleanup / documentation phase for a FOSS script library for the free product MyDefrag. I am extremely pleased with the results. Although… mark my words!!!.. some day I will figure out how to place the Pagefile.sys where I want it.

I will be releasing it on Git Hub. I have a few users to test it at various levels of technical expertise but I need a few (small scale) sys admin or disk experts to review it still. I don’t actually know real people… david_horsman at hotmail.com if you can help out. Best regards.