What's everyone working on this week (20/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

crates.rs — a new site for Rust crates, e.g.: https://crates.rs/crates/libz-sys, https://crates.rs/crates/gifski


v0.18.0 of uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) was published to crates.io over the weekend and includes 10 new quantities (energy, density, …) along with their associated units as well as additional units for 7 other existing quantities. Compile times for this version are also significantly improved. Most of this work is thanks to PRs from /u/Aehmlo.

Where did you get the data? I’ve been wanting to work on something similar but couldn’t find a dump of the crates.io database for the crates

https://github.com/rust-lang/crates.io-index + Cargo.toml via https://github.com/C4K3/crates-ectype (I’ve modified it to slow it down and get only the latest crate) + crates.io js’s internal API to get owners and downloads (very incomplete data) + github API + a lot of guesswork, special rules and fuzzy matching. DM me if you’d like a copy of the data.

Prototyping compile-time reflection as a new way to define procedural macros.


I released version 0.4 of lpc82x, to keep it up to date with the rest of the embedded ecosystem. It now builds on beta, and should build on stable when Rust 1.27 comes out.

The usability work on lpc82x-hal is ongoing and currently I’m working on the switch matrix API. The switch matrix is responsible for assigning various functions to pins. As far as I can tell, LPC82x is more flexible than the average microcontroller in that regard. That is nice, but it means that building a compile-time safe Rust API on top of it is a real challenge. Not sure if I can realize the convenience gains that I’m hoping for, but I’ll try.

I’m working on primitivemap, an attempt to create the fastest HashMap for areas where primitive types in key position are used, and to play with generic programming.
Currently I’m making the Entry API.

P.S. posted to wrong thread at first

Most likely advancing the regex-in-no_std project.

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Working on diwata_cli the command line client for diwata, which you could open a database via command line and launch a browser automatically.

Diwata CLI can be installed via

cargo install diwata_cli

Opening a sqlite database is as simple as

diwata_cli --db-url sqlite://sakila.db  -p 8000 --open