What's everyone working on this week (21/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I finally made some progress on the thermodynamic temperature vs. temperature interval issue in uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) this weekend and will be looking to get that complete this week.

Still working on lpc82x-hal, the Hardware Abstraction Layer for LPC82x microcontrollers. Last week, I developed a plan on how to radically simplify the switch matrix API. That plan was a full success and worked exactly like I hoped, without any problems (something that doesn’t happen very often, at least to me :slight_smile: ).

Previously, there were 8 methods to assign/unassign fixed/movable input/output functions, because every combination of the aforementioned attributes needed its own method. It wasn’t pretty, but I figured that that’s what’s required to model the hardware capabilities in a way that’s completely safe at compile-time. With some type system trickery, I was able to reduce this to just two methods: One for disabling, one for enabling functions. I’m very pleased with myself.

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My signal analyzer, monocle, is finally in a somewhat useable state so this week i’ll be working on my weather station while adding features that I need to monocle


@TheZoq2 I’m having trouble opening those links but I really want to check out your projects, did it format correctly? (Or maybe it’s just an issue on my end).

That’s odd, turns out you have to put https:// in front of links or they can’t be clicked. Should be fixed now :slight_smile:

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I just release a new version of svgbob fixing the behavior alphanumeric character whether to treat them as part of the word or as a drawing element. Also added some special behavior for ‘X’ as a crossing diagonal drawing element


Trying to translate a single-case program to a generalizable library for accessing NCBI eutils. Don’t have a lot of time at the moment so this will probably stretch to a few weeks.

I just came back from a cycling-holiday in southern France which was a bit shorter than planned because of some unfortunate weather.

Right now and during the nights in the tent I am/was working on hellschreiber, a Datomic-like database which uses sqlite as a backend. I made some good progress, finally implementing important parts and getting a few kinks worked out.